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One Of My Lies lyrics


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     One Of My Lies
    >> Green Day
        When I was younger
    I thought that the world circled around me
    But in time I realized I was so wrong
    My immortal thoughts turned into just dreams
    Of a dead future
    It was a tragic case of my reality, yeah

    Do you think you're indestructable and no one can touch you?
    Well, I think you're disposable and it's time you knew the truth
    Cause it's just one of my lies! It's just one of my lies
    And all I wanna do is get real high
    Well, it's just one of my lies

    Why does my life have to be so small yet death is forever?
    And does forever have a life to call it's own?
    Don't give me an answer 'cuz you only know as much as I know
    Unless you've been there once well, I hardly think so

    I used to pray at night before I lay myself down
    My Mother said it was right
    Her mother said it too...why?
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